A Complete Solution For New iGaming Affiliates

Fast-track your online business with our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to brand new iGaming affiliates with no web design or marketing skills.

Marketing Masterclass

  • All things GEO
  • Understanding marketing techniques
  • Expert guidance

Your Roadmap

  • Help with a business planning
  • Budgeting
  • Avoiding mistakes along the way

“I’ve faced many obstacles and bumps along the way, but my passion for iGaming & hunger to learn helped me to be successful.”

Robert Alexander

CEO, Affiliate Code

A passion for iGaming

Our comprehensive course covers all iGaming verticals, including; Bingo, Casino, E-Sports, Lottery, Poker, Sports & Crypto Betting.

One-to-one sessions

As standard, you will get multiple one-to-one sessions on how to be an effective iGaming Affiliate

Help Guides

Step-by-step guides on starting and growing a successful iGaming affiliate business.


We give the lowdown on SEO, and pass on our experience of getting to page 1 on Google.

Our Success

Share how we went from $0 to $10,000+ per month iGaming business.

Free iGaming Domain & Templates

Included is an iGaming domain worth $1,000+ to help you get started, plus bespoke iGaming WordPress templates

Continuous Support

Dedicated online channel to give you assistance for your iGaming business for 12 months.

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